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1. When you get caught doing something that should've been relatively easy
2. Slipping in the mud
3. Those awful new shows on fox
4. When you count on someone to do something very simple and they fuck up
5. Little girls who try to gain attention any way possible
6. That most spanish chicks in my school are pregnant
7. Freeloaders
8. When my hair gets in my eyes
9. My 5th period teacher
10. People who take themselves seriously
11. Other people who talk a lot of shit but cant back it up
12. When I forget stuff
13. Hypocrites
14. People that think I'm lying
15. People that think I'm lying when I'm telling the truth
16. Nightmares
17. Self loathing people
18. Vicious circles
19. The broken speakers on my cellphone
20. Unfair rules
21. Oweing people money
22. When my parents get worked up about small problems I'm dealing with
23. Not taking most things seriously
24. Bratty kids
25. Sore losers
26. When my heater breaks
27. Homework
28. Waiting
29. When weird music plays in my head
30. My broken headphones
31. Annoying commercials
32. Haters
33. Superstition
34. Having to repeat myself
35. Explaining a joke
36. Cold sores
37. Mosquito bites
38. Cutting myself on the toolshed when I walk out of my room
39. Dead batteries
40. When it gets really cold without any snow
41. When Chago eats 8 servings of ceviche
42. Wasting food
43. The horrible food in the cafeteria
44. Going home
45. Con artists
46. Getting cuts while shaving
47. Suckups
48. Bullies
49. Dumb bitches
50. The school store
51. Junkies
52. People who are popular for being stupid
53. Those kids who try to be random
54. Getting a chubby in church
55. Going to church
56. Commercials
57. Homophobes
58. People who are the shame of their race
59. Those people who live up to their own stereotypes
60. Long goodbyes
61. Jealous people
62. Racists
63. People who choose to be ignorant
64. Kids that yell out in public
65. The kids that smoke to look cool
66. Wiggers
67. Pretty white kids with problems
68. People who are only tough/racist/cool on the internet
70. Overprotective parents
71. The broken toaster
72. Hate speech
73. Empty threats
74. Broken promises
75. Writing essays
76. Teachers that think their class is the only class that matters
77. Cults
78. Zombies
79. New shoes on Cartoon Network
80. Minute men
81. Hecklers
82. People who abuse their power
83. Corrupted people
84. People with too much power
85. Teachers
86. Responsibility
87. Parody movies that suck
88. Superhero movies that suck
89. People that try to hype up everything.
90. When the water from the shower is cold and dosent get any warmer
91. Infomercials
92. Family reunions
93. Scammers
94. Walking
95. Attention whores
96. Nasty smells from the bathroom
97. People who take stuff without asking
98. When my hair gets in other peoples eyes
99. People trying to cut my hair
100. Disappointment
101. Spelling words wrong
102. Long lines
103. Math
104. Wasting time
105. Unnecessary apologies
106. People who live in fear
107. People who are too happy
108. Whenever I have hot soup or chocolate and I lean in to try to get some and my hair goes into the cup/bowl and when I get back up and the hot stuff in my hair slaps my face.
109. Getting caught off guard
110. Kids in places they dont belong
111. Nightterrors
112. Skipping numbers
113. Having to pick up the phone when it's really far away
114. Noisy kids in movie theaters
115. Racist punk kids
116. Thugs
117. People that take halo too seriously
118. Ringtones
119. BET
120. Radio
121. Having someone take credit for something that isnt theirs
122. Imitations
123. 'Fake' people
124. Aliens
125. Unjust cause
126. Unreasonable laws
127. Denial
128. People who're living a lie
129. The news
130. Overpriced things
131. Truth commercials
132. Burping in inappropriate places
133. Karma
134. Typos
135. Hats that dont fit right
136. When I clean my room and people come over later that same day and get things all messy again and then leaving me with the mess to clean up
137. Small mirrors
138. Stupid self given nicknames
139. Boarded up windows
140. When the fan breaks during the summer
141. Dart boards with magnetic darts
142. Small cups
143. The hammer of dawn
144. Disney sequels
145. Food from taco bell
146. Weird internet porn
147. Snow angels that look like puddles
148. My lack of talent
149. Rap
150. Having nothing to do
151. Suspense
152. Astral catelepsy
153. Words that are rarely used in common talk
154. Weird movies with no plot
155. Stepping in shit
156. Cleaning up my dogs messes
157. Kids that are cruel towards animals
158. Sharp spoons
159. Hit and runs
160. Having to go out and buy new shoes
161. When phone lines get cut
162. People that yell a lot
163. Dirty sinks
164. How everyone in the horror movies die except for that last hot chick
165. Teamwork
166. Party crashers
167. Broken glasses
168. People who plot against others
169. Shorts
170. Shattered glass
171. Pretty boys
172. Cherrios
173. Forgetting things
174. Repeating things by accident
175. Shaking hands
176. Corny jokes
177. When random isnt funny and there's that one kid who wont stop laughing
178. Those damn locust
179. Squidward
180. Learning CSS
181. AIDS
182. Interactive dvd's
183. Rephrasing words a lot
184. Drills
185. Underage clubs
186. Tall bar stools
187. Strict I.D. check
188. The stupid moon thing on my wall
189. My power ranger pillows
190. People who try to be creepy
191. Accepting defeat
192. Being stubborn
193. People who talk bad of other people to feel better about themselves
194. Liars
195. Stupid rhymes
196. Preying on the weak
197. When someone thinks I'm related to someone else just because we have the same last name
198. Noisy keys
199. Losing trust in a relative
200. Eddie the attack bird
201. Pigeons
202. Not being able to write with both hands
203. Unrealistic goals
204. Turning simple things into burdens
205. Staying up late without reason
206. Seeing things
207. Burnt popcorn
208. The mood button
209. Unorganized lists
210. Violent people
211. The boring parts in lotr
212. Stupid fads
213. Myspace
214. Mirages
215. Weird portraits in bathrooms
216. Diet plans
217. Other people worrying about me
218. The piano
219. Getting too specific about details
220. Xanga
221. The N
222. Asking Jeeves stuff and never getting the answers that I want
223. Needy people
224. Unwanted guests
225. Plastic wrap
226. When someone takes everything said about them to heart
227. Oprah's show
228. Tyra Banks's show
229. Caso Cerado
230. Iceman
231. Angry masterbating
232. That painting of a head on spongebob
233. Tv shows that live past their prime
234. Getting pistol whipped
235. Kids that imitate what they see on tv
236. Cicadas
237. PpLz Wh0 TyP3 L13K D15
238. Marlos
239. Goya
240. Repetitive racist jokes
241. Books
242. Losing things
243. Extortion
244. Getting a third chance and fucking things up
245. Familiar smells that bring back bad memories
246. Super conciousness
247. Fear
248. How the black guy always dies first
249. Yappy dogs
250. Messy rooms
251. Itchy hair
252. Answering machines
253. People that wanna kill mankind
254. When someone yells "Help me!" and no one cares
255. The mafia
256. Futuramas robot mafia
257. Toilet paper with thin sheets
258. The eye of the storm
259. Conventional ovens
260. That kid who's always talking when everyone wants him to shut up because he thinks it's cool to go against what everyone says and he says stupid things and tries to act tough and start fights but when cornered will be a little bitch about it and say he was just joking
261. War
262. Old equipment
263. Blogs
264. Chick music
265. Livejournal
266. Being compared to emos
267. When you pay for something in cash and use big bills because you cant find any small bills and the cashier takes forever how to give you exact change
268. Angsty pricks
269. My old usernames
270. Being unoriginal
271. People that hate on jews
272. Comics who cant find original material and get tv shows for it
273. Pants that dont fit right
274. iTunes reorganizing my music into its shitty folders
275. Skipping school only to regret it later
276. People with too many emotional problems
277. Women that bring their babies into the movies
278. Beatniks
279. When people laugh when I say 'tomfoolery' especially when I'm trying to be serious
280. Awkward conversations with boring people
281. Perverts
282. Sticky grenades
283. Chainsaws
284. Matching purses
285. Snakes
286. House flies
287. Halo 2
288. The term 'just a gentle reminder'
289. Losing my towel after a shower
290. Energy sword
291. Gossip
292. PDF files
293. Long tutorials
294. The word 'hullabaloo'
295. Pants that are too baggy
296. People that get offended easily
297. The old apple computers
298. 'Did you know' facts
299. Gold diggers
300. Mercenaries
301. Having no continues left
302. Overpriced arcade machines
303. Unpronouncible lyrics
304. When people say "polly want a cracker?"
305. The way that robocop was initially taken down
306. Dragon shit
307. Light switches that dont do anything
308. Seeing weird things when I close my eyes after a long day
309. Having to thaw frozen foods
310. Area codes
311. Most of south parks jokes
312. Really big explosions
313. Torque bow
314. Poop jokes
315. Getting outnumbered
316. People that get angry over nothing
317. People that try to make a scene
318. Drama queens
319. March
320. Gangbangers
321. The boring parts in star wars
322. Fake accents
323. Mashed potatoes without gravy
324. Rollers
325. Cheesy theme music
326. Solos that go on for too long
327. When max bites back
328. Scales
329. ctrl+c and ctrl+v
330. Phones without a base
331. Novelty hats
332. The locked channels on directv
333. Young actors
334. Breathing
335. Being too narrow or over broad
336. Ancient Greece
337. Getting a second chance when you dont deserve it
338. Trying to sneak in and making a lot of noise
339. Girls that are too naive
340. When max begs for food
341. Playing pretend
342. 1337 speak
343. Pig latin
344. Secret twin language
345. Concerts
346. Dealing with bitches
347. The penis game
348. Dirty laundry
349. Empty bottles
350. Cold french fries
351. Diarrhea
352. Revenge
353. Princesses
354. Cgi movies about animals
355. Bloo
356. Sleeping on the floor
357. Theives
358. Stories that go on forever
359. Having to read the bible
360. Pens
361. People that say they're going to do something only to forget or neglect it later
362. Girls gone wild commercials
363. Kids with weird names
364. Stupid parents
365. Corded phones
366. Leap years
367. Birthdays on inconvenient days
368. That 7-up game
369. Plastic cases
370. Kids that curse a lot
371. Dinosaurs
372. Movie trailers
373. Self proclaimed critics
374. Cancer
375. Nail guns
376. Herpes
377. Terminator parodies
378. Fruit cake
379. Shuffled moans
380. Coco
381. Pelicans
382. Bee's
383. Check lists
384. The tick tock of that damn clock
385. Global warming
386. Booster seats
387. Government sites
388. Pop tart commercials
389. Fads that dont die
390. Dry turkey
391. Dentists
392. Statues
393. School supplies
394. Cupid
395. Fast food
396. Lazlo
397. Hippies
398. Tummy aches
399. Movies about the end of the world
400. Plastic knives
401. Calling 411
402. Running out of shampoo in the shower
403. OCD
404. Energy hogs
405. Getting wasted
406. Monster trucks
407. Messy nachos
408. Dull knives
409. Soup
410. Mold
411. Squirrel boy
412. Family parties
413. Bus accidents
414. Sarcasm
415. People that dont clean up after themselves
416. Opportunists
417. The V chip
418. Censorship bars in places they dont need to be
419. That Maury show
420. Picking out the stems
421. Hospitals
422. Creepy old dudes
423. Red lights
424. over buttered popcorn
425. Streakers
426. Disgruntled garbagemen
427. When max only comes into my room to take my food
428. When you have something hot in your hands and someone bumps into you and your hands are full so you just have to sit there and deal
429. Searching for stuff on google and then finding porn
430. Boy bands
431. Missing the best part of a movie
432. Wigs
433. Having a budget
434. When people ask how my college search is going
435. Multiple replies to the same post
436. Cutting my nose while shaving
437. People that do good deeds to look good in front of other people but never for themselves
438. Tuna
439. The Jeep compass commercial with the bobble heads
440. Not getting enough sleep
441. Typing in all caps
442. Mayonaise sandwiches
443. Limited time offers
444. Greasy hamburgers that are more than one dollar
445. American Idol
446. Bones in chicken sandwiches
447. Dirty keyboards
448. Getting full after drinking too much stuff
449. Passing out drunk
450. Putting food into bags
451. Opening cans without canopeners
452. Having to talk spanish
453. Looking at the same thing for long periods of time over an extended time period
454. Dirty bubbles
455. Soap that dosent get off easy
456. Washing the dishes
457. Getting sick after eating a single sandwich
458. Dustbunnies
459. Lint
460. Confederate flags
461. Getting buzzed without getting smacked
462. Weird slang
463. People that peak during high school
464. Ping pong games without a ping pong ball
465. Old computer monitors
466. Stuff that's been in my room for long without use that it's collected dust
467. Sneaking alcohol out of places
468. Overdosing
469. Gold chains
470. Getting boxed in
471. Plain grass hills
472. Leaderboards
473. Squeaky wheels
474. Replacing oil
475. People that pick fights and then run
476. Being accused of things I didnt do
477. Police questionings
478. People that try to understand but dont
479. Small rubberbands
480. Gameshows
481. Loud obnoxious music
482. People that change their mind at the last minute
483. Sitcoms
484. Losing focus
485. Broken mirrors
486. Moths
487. Being places I shouldnt be
488. Seeing things I shouldnt see
489. Beta haters
490. People that hype up absolutely everything
491. Lead singers that only scream
492. When worlds collide
493. Sucker dj's
494. People that dont know when they're not funny but they keep trying anyways
495. People counting on me to finish their work
496. Cocky doctors
497. Heroin
498. People that have sex with animals
499. Utopias
500. Clouds that look like planes
501. Spam
502. Door stoppers
503. Pictures in my head
504. The word 'farewell'
505. People that obsess over small matters
506. Race horses
507. Barbie
508. Ideals
509. Shiny things that are dull when you get close to them
510. Nukes
511. Fragile signs
512. People that run away from their problems
513. Waiting for something/someone that isnt worth it
514. People that break under pressure
515. People that poison food
516. People that cant cut to the point and have to give long explanations or stories about whatever lesson they're trying to teach you
517. Praying
518. Rusty machete's
519. MMORPG's
520. Verbs
521. Being illegal to most things
522. People that promise salvation
523. Having a lack of compassion for others
524. Having nothing to do or prove
525. People that try to make others envious or jealous
526. People that try to make me mad on purpose
527. Getting sick
528. When the refrigerator breaks
529. Spoiled milk
530. breast milk
531. People that are babied their whole lives
532. Sarcastic humor
533. Having to improvise
534. Deep voices
535. Killing without reason
536. Being the best on a team
537. Raptors
538. Nuclear winter
539. When no one listens to the only smart person in the crowd
540. An evergrowing population of unaware idiots
541. Waking up early
542. Not being able to sleep when I really want to
543. Having nothing to kill time with
545. Hearing stuff after I'm awake for too long
546. Taking out the trash
547. Weakness
548. Over virtuouslessness
549. Witch doctors
550. Voodoo dolls
551. Clay sculptures that break easily
552. Changing lightbulbs
553. Music that stops me in my tracks
554. Tomboys
555. Satan
556. Lucky numbers
557. Women that get by on their looks
558. Attractive people that are dull as mud
559. The number of the beast
560. Myths
561. Every Tony Hawk game between 4 and project 8
562. Video game parodies
563. Shopping lists
564. Planning out things only to have them screw up around the very beginning
565. Gamblers
566. When the sun sets early
567. People that try to be scum
568. Chavs
569. The word 'chavs'
570. Speaking jive
571. Houses on hills
572. Sluts that get emotional over time
573. Dust in the wind
574. Looking on the negatives of everything
575. Having too much time on my hands
576. Spilling soda
577. People that show up as I'm going somewhere and then try to tag along
578. Chicken shit
579. Indian givers
580. How when you're a kid you think you're the only one in the world with your name and then later you find out that someone else has it and you confront them about it and you both give eachother a confused look and think that somehow you two might be related but it turns out you two just have the same name and eventually you grow to dispise this person because of it but eventually you get over it but it still bothers you that something like that would bother you
581. Reevaluating decisions when it's too late
582. Never finding a bathroom when I need one
583. Sleeping beauties
584. People that give in to others needs
585. People that leave when the going gets tough
586. Pumba
587. Timon
588. The lion king 1 1/2
589. Old pie
590. Movies that go straight to dvd
591. People that think they're smart and try to prove it every chance they get
592. People that overanalyze everything
593. Having nothing to do in the mornings
594. Going to school so early in the mornings
595. Beaver fever
596. Parenthesis
597. Lions that pass their prime
598. How those monkeys at the zoo I saw one time during a middle school field trip remind me of the kids that hang out of the cafeteria during lunch
599. Mocking birds
600. Stories about underprivledged kids that dance
601. When my mind goes blank
602. Tongue twisters
603. People that look for the flaws in everything
604. Hunting for sport
605. Sensitive dudes that cry and shit
606. Clapping
607. Choking on spit
608. Losing in burping contests
609. Losing phone connection
610. When the cellphone battery dies out
611. Irish folk tales
612. Player haters
613. Digging holes
614. Putting mulch on the soil
615. Putting seeds and fertilizer into the grass
616. Vacuuming
616. Misspelling words that I dont use that often
617. The number 6
618. When my ears hurt after listening to music for a long time
619. Making simple things difficult
620. Doing something I started and then having some kid saying I got it from somewhere else
621. Having original ideas and then finding out they're not originals
622. Instrumentals that repeat the same thing throughout the whole song
623. How chago never helps out around the house
624. Bullshit
625. People who're allergic to bullshit
626. Blashphemy
627. The letter B
628. Being alone with others
629. When people think I'm emo because my hair covers my eyes without me wanting it to
630. How religion reminds me of cocaine
631. Refridgerator magnets
632. People who hide behind their computers
634. Rats
635. Shredder
636. Saturday morning cartoons these days
637. Trailers that give away the whole movie
638. Never reaching that high that I really want
639. Sticky fingers
640. People that try to steal from my house
641. People that try to steal from my house while I'm there
642. When someone asks after I say "dont ask"
643. When birds die in midair and land in front of me
644. Music videos that dont make sense
645. Stale chips
646. People that trust in other people too much
647. When people make stupid mistakes when everyone told them not to and then beg for forgiveness
648. The pillar of autumn
649. People that cut other people
650. Crowns of thorns
651. Broken thoughts
652. Items that go beyond repair
653. When things disappear
654. When I mistake to for too and vice versa
655. Reeaaally slow songs
656. Rat poison
657. Getting my hands caught in fly traps
658. Pushing my fingers into my eyes
659. When my hair gets caught in things
660. People that threaten me with gum
661. Words that trigger bad things in my memory
662. Falling down the stairs
663. WW2 games
664. The delay of WW3
665. The Aztec calendar
666. Microsoft Excel
667. That copycat game
668. The saying that everyone fucks, sucks, cries, and dies
669. Obscene moments in public
670. When I see beef jerky on the wall
671. Public restrooms
672. Mixing ginger ale and pepsi
673. Spring cleaning in the summer
674. Love songs
675. Gas
676. Robots that arent like the robots on tv
677. Bears with arms
678. Closing things without saving them
679. Collecting stuff
680. When people say lol outside of the internet
681. Pride
682. People that put lol into every reply they write
683. Girls that believe in love with every guy they meet
684. Love at first sight
685. Getting too close to people
686. Whenever someone pets me like I'm a dog
687. Getting angry over nothing
688. Erasing things that took me a long time to make
689. Cold fingers
690. Waiting for stores to open
691. Not being able to sleep at 5am
692. Getting attached
693. When strangers call
694. People that cant stand things that cant be explained
695. When my tv turns off on its own
696. Getting cut off midsentence
697. Loose change
698. Techno
699. People that wont let go of that last shred of dignity
700. When someone deletes something I need
701. Reciepts
702. When people repeat their mistakes
703. Lessons that arent learned
704. Going days without finding a shower
705. Dehydration
706. Lag
707. Organic soymilk
708. People that demand respect through fear
709. Happy songs
710. Musicals
711. Kids bop
712. Kids reggaeton
713. Pregnant 13yo's
714. Kids that think they're adults
715. Lasagna with only cheese
716. Garfield
717. Comas
718. People that disagree with everything
719. When someone has to be the rebel
720. When nature calls
721. Getting a chubby in church
722. Wiping dust off the tv
723. Cleaning stuff off the kitchen counter
724. Forgetting what I wanted to put on this list earlier
725. When someone calls around 3am just to talk
726. When the left speakers on this shitty system go dead
727. People standing on the corner
728. When extension cords get in the way
729. Plain vanilla
730. When ever you say "what's up?" to someone and they reply with "The sky!"
731. Mainstream music
732. Guarantees that expire right when your stuff breaks
733. Strategically placed explosives
735. Walking Max
736. Reposting anything
737. Pressing CTRL+A and then accidently deleting what I was working on and forgeting to press CTRL+Z
738. Milk that's still around after its expiration date
739. Whenever someone tells me I spelled something wrong and dosent help me correct it
740. Snarky people
741. Whenever someone tells me to look something up on google
742. Whenever someone says "look it up in the dictionary"
743. The chosen one
744. Self proclaimed pimps
745. Songs that repeat the same thing over and over and sound really stupid but end up hitting #1 in the charts
746. Yellow lights
747. Numbers with special meanings
748. Code words
749. Clubs that invite everyone in
750. Treehouses
751. Odd numbers
752. When people load cats into shotguns
753. That dude that lit his cat on fire, took pictures of it, and put it up on the internet
754. Meaningless conversations followed by awkward silence
755. Ecstatic fans
756. Remembering past events
757. The comics in the newspapers
758. Jokes that aren't funny
759. Claps followed by snaps
760. Comedy clubs full of unfunny people
761. Stand up comics that cant cope with hecklers
762. Resorting to violence when you run out of things to say
763. When my tv dies while I'm watching it
764. Losing the remote
765. Tortoises
766. Words that lost their meaning like 'love' and 'hate'
767. Speeches that go on for too long
768. Complex laws
769. Not being able to whistle after all these years
770. Learning to whistle and then forgetting how the next day
771. When instinct points me in the wrong direction
772. Cholesterol
773. Angels
774. Commas
775. Plain cookies
776. Bosses
777. The lottery
778. Kirkland products
779. Disclaimer notices
780. Punching the wall until it makes a hole and then having to plaster up that hole
781. When my fingers go numb
782. Tooth aches
783. People that are always asking for favors
784. The kid in the group
785. Those odd folks from invader Zim
786. When someone says "it's easy"
787. Movies about underprivilaged kids with one chance left
788. Anyone who reads this list and is offended
789. The easy button that dosent make anything easier but instead plays that recording that goes "That was easy"
790. Hate music
791. Going into something thinking it will be simple and then finding out it isnt and not being able to leave till everything is finished
792. Commitment
793. Time machines
794. Nonexistant machines
795. Lacking purpose
796. Dieing
797. Superman
798. Batman
799. Being scolded
800. People that fart in public and laugh about it
801. The saying "go extreme or go home"
802. Dogs that shit in shoes or anything that smells new
803. Not being specific about something important
804. The big fan in my room that's just taking up space
805. When my closet gets cluttered up with things that arent mine
806. When the dog barks at nothing
807. The lesson at the end of scrubs
808. Repeating the same routine
809. Believing in a dream
810. Losing my voice
811. When someone spoils a movie
812. My neighbors
813. Reminders
814. The bad songs in my playlist that I forget to delete
815. When someone reminds me of something I once said and not recalling the moment
816. When people use those big words that arent necessary to use while talking with someone casually
817. Furniture stores
818. Punching myself by accident
819. When someone plays with my hair and ends up giving me pigtails
820. People that feel they need other people to be happy
821. Anyone that copies this list
822. Coconut cakes
823. Broken recliner chairs
824. The different layers of my hair
825. Getting drunk and then going onto the internet and posting in places and then getting replies that I dont remember
826. Anything that is considered worth dieing for and then later isnt
827. This rapidly changing world
828. School buses
829. Music with no meaning
830. People that change their names because they want something that sounds cool
831. When someone begs for seconds
832. The younger me
833. When someone gives their age and instead of saying old they say young
834. Taking pictures with the family
835. Biting the hand that feeds you
836. People that snore loud
837. Grandiliquent diction
838. When someone says shutup to someone who isnt talking
839. People that cant focus a camera when given simple instructions
840. Ruining a good thing
841. Killing the moment
842. Killing a joke
843. Nextel
845. Stains on ceilings
846. When someone is easily amused
847. When everything is my fault
848. Having to take the blame
849. Freezer burn
850. Staring into the sun
851. Moonlight
852. Staplers
853. Never finding a writing utensil when you need one
854. When someone picks their nose in public and then eats their boogers
855. Anakin Skywalker
856. The rest of Star Wars
857. The fuedal era
858. Getting beaten with a baton
859. Peace loving youth
860. People that fight for attention
861. When a couple has sex in public
862. When someone says "you changed"
863. Invitations that get lost in the mail
864. Depressing weddings
865. Mothers that make their young daughters wear revealing clothing
866. People that are disgusted by the kid wearing slutty clothing not knowing that it's not her choice but that her mother wants her to wear it and she's too naive to know what's going on anyways
867. Plasma guns
868. Shields
869. Holding block forever
870. Ridiculous methods for acquiring achievments
871. Rambunctious roughhousers
872. Made up words with no meaning
873. When someone gives words without meaning a meaning
874. Absurd collections
875. Stalkers
876. People that call other people stalkers when they stalk no one
877. When someone teaches kids bad things and then years later wonders why the kid is in such bad shape
878. Mothers that give their children anything when they yell
879. Mothers that bring their infant children into movie theatres
880. Weird collages
881. Mistaking collage for college
882. People that drink tears
883. Tangled wires
884. Trying to untangle tangled wires
885. When couples call eachother such cheesy names
886. That dude who has to yell when he's on his cellphone
887. When my cousins stopped giving me beers
888. Long songs that are just talking about the same thing over and over
889. Hair spray
890. Beads
891. Tuna fish cans
892. When the case to something goes missing
893. People that drive uncontrollably
894. N***as
895. The law of equivilant exchange
896. When someone takes a joke personally
897. Mad TV
898. Kids lullabies that are turned into death metal
899. Stupid band names
900. The overuse of the word 'stupid'
901. People that complain about littering and dont do anything about it
902. The pepsi logo
903. People that leave their dog in the car on a hot day
904. People that go unpunished for horrible things they may have done
905. People that stand by their accusations even after being proven wrong
906. Disco
907. The 1920's
908. The holocaust
909. Studying the holocaust
910. Nazi's
911. Most police in my neighborhood
912. Outlets that dont work
913. Wristwatches
914. Light that shines through the cracks when I'm trying to sleep
915. The portrait of the boat in my bathroom
916. Skid marks
917. Kids that commit suicide because of a minor inconvenience
918. Kids that think they're in love for life because they met someone they like and they've been together for two months
919. The lack of mentos commercials nowadays
920. When someone laughs at the sound of tomfoolery
921. When people think I'm a hateful person
922. People that think prejudice only applies to peoples race
923. That "1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100" shit
924. People that explode in public and on the wrong person
925. Trying to see in the dark
926. Losing internet connection
927. Having to refresh a page because it wont load right
928. When someone is good at something and has to boast about it
929. The 'smoking stops here' stickers
930. When someone thinks it's funny to put tape in your hair
931. Having the last name as someone else
932. Team killers
933. Being a good person at heart but not showing it
934. Malnutrition
935. Flesh wounds
936. When that kid snapped that other kids hamster in half because it wouldn't play with him
937. Spilling milk
938. The lack of lights in my room
939. Having to work with someone that you dont like
940. When someone catches on to a prank
941. When people call my schemes hairbrained and have a pun intended
942. Lemon pie
943. Burnt lemon
944. The smell of burnt plastic
945. The sound of a bugs scream
946. Maggots at the bottom of the trash can outside
947. Throwing up and then throwing up again because you threw up and then throwing up once more at the thought of throwing up
948. Having a weak stomach when it comes to food
949. When someone throws something valuable away thinking that it's garbage
950. Altec Lansing speakers
951. Snipers
952. When someone hands you an unsharpened pencil and tells you to sharpen it and then asks for it to be returned quickly
953. The scar on my lip
954. People that think I'm a pothead just by looking at my eyes
955. Anyone that thinks they can figure out someone just by looking at the way they sit
956. Fights on the internet
957. Popular people that pick on nerds
958. Titles of recognition
959. Confessing in church
960. Being forced to do something that I really dont want to do
961. Antifreeze
962. Bloody knuckles
963. Getting sick for no reason
964. Extensive procrastination
965. Music that gets to me after a while
966. Not understanding the hidden meaning until after everyone else gets it
967. Illusions
968. Cardboard paper
969. Weird names for crayons
970. Missing a target
971. Not being able to speak any language correctly
972. Overachievers
973. Being cut off of something important because of something else that is equally if not more important
974. Finding out that something that was thought to be important isnt really that important
975. Pie charts
976. Board games
977. Losing a point in the middle of a debate
978. Losing track of what I'm doing while I'm doing it
979. When someone changes the topic because they're uncomfortable with the situation
980. Condensed milk
981. When shoes don't fit anymore
982. Blinking lights
983. The numa numa dance

Recent Game Medals

The Machine 50 Points Activate it. Medal Stats.
Rainmaker 25 Points Make it rain! Medal Stats.
Payback 25 Points It's a bitch. Medal Stats.
The Room 25 Points Find it. Medal Stats.
Pusher 25 Points Push the hardest. Medal Stats.
Unsee 50 Points See everything you shouldn't see. Medal Stats.
Runner 25 Points Win the race. Medal Stats.
Nastwich 10 Points Make a nasty sandwich. Medal Stats.
The Johnny 10 Points Get Johnny's cafe order from the movie. Medal Stats.
The Dr. Phil Tango 10 Points You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 144 (From 20 different games.)